Auditing and Assurance Services

Auditing Services:
• Statutory Audit
• Internal Audit
• Tax Audit
• GST Audit
• System & Management Audit
• Income & Expenditure Audit
• Concurrent Audit
• Bank Audit
• Stock Audit
• Forensic Audit
• Special Audit 
Company Law Services and Compliance:
• Formation of Company
• Corporate Planning and Restructuring
• Compliances associated with SEBI,RBI,FIBP,NBFC and ROC Matters
• Obtaining of Legal Documents
• XBRL Reporting
Accounting Matters:
• Outsourcing of Accounting and Allied Services
• Preparation of Financial Statements
• Review of Accounting Systems
Financial Modelling:
• Financial Model Building
• Independent Review/ Audit of Financial Model
• Managing Financial Models and MIS
Payroll Processing Services:
• Preparation of Employment Contracts
• Withholding Tax Compliances by the Employer
• Employee Compensation Structuring
• Provident Fund, ESI and Gratuity related Legal Compliances
• Preparation of Compensation and Benefits Manual
• Advisory Services in regards with the Payroll
• Issuance of Pay Slip to the Employees